• Carlton Cameron

Human movement Tips

People sitting at their occupations for prolonged periods of time can lead to tight hip flexors (rectus femoris, tensor fascia late, iliopsoas) and postural imbalances within the human movement system. Even worse, if seated for prolonged periods of time especially in front of computers, there's a tendency for the shoulders and head to fatigue under the constant effect of gravity, which in turn can lead to postural imbalances including rounding shoulders and a forward lean. In addition also creates a lower energy expenditure throughout the day and potentially poor Cardiorespiratory conditioning. So how you can fix these problems that you, as reading this, can now notice?..... Static stretching and Self-Myofascial Release. (Rolling out adhesions, FYI also called trigger points). Done so typically with a foam roll or lacrosse ball which are now becoming more and more traditional. Strengthen the under active muscles. And get on a 'proper' workout regiment daily to increase the lack of oxygen and now lowered bone density and muscle. Check more tips out or get some Kick-Ass one on one training ... @cameronsfitness-opt.com

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